Infinity Symbol on Keyboard and Copy & Paste Alt Codes

The symbol on it can mean something different to different people. Some people think of eternity because the infinity symbol looks like a number 8 that is sideways. Others see empowerment and duality in the infinity sign.

The infinity symbol has been around for a long time. It can have different meanings depending on where and when it is used. In Tibet and India, the infinity symbol means perfection and balance between men and women. It is also used in designs of  Celtic knots which resemble the Double Infinity Symbol that means “double absoluteness” or something that is whole.

What Does Infinity Symbol Mean in Modern and Ancient Times

The infinity symbol got discovered by a man who is English and his name is John Wallis. He was a mathematician and discovered the infinity symbol in 1655. It means that there are no bounds to it and it has no end, like if one number gets bigger than another number – infinity is bigger than any other number. It’s a Latin word, which means “unboundedness” or “without limits”. Scientologists believe in the “infinity” symbol. They think it also means “the 8th dynamic.” This is the part of Scientology that talks about infinite and eternal existence. Also, the 8th dynamic stands for “supreme being” or “creator.” They don’t believe in reincarnation, which is when people become someone else’s soul after they die.

The infinity symbol is a shape that has been around for a long time. It is called the Lemniscate, which means ‘ribbon,’ and was first used by Greek philosophers and mathematicians. It comes from an old sign of a serpent biting its own tail, which means it can never die or end. The infinity also means that everything will come back again, like how the sun goes down at night but then comes back up in the morning.

The infinity symbol is a scientific and mathematical sign for number infinity or eternal time and space. People think that it has a religious meaning.

Spiritual Meaning of Infinity Symbol

An infinity symbol is a figure 8 turned on its side. It means unlimited potential, and an unlimited perspective, timelessness. It also stands for love and light, among many other things. There are different meanings with the infinity symbol: the snake in tarot cards, numerology and spirituality.

Spiritually the infinity symbol means it shows God’s love to us all without end; this is what we will get in heaven when we go there someday if we are good people on Earth. Numerology means that the number 8 stands for creativity or expansion; some say it also stands for balance as well or justice as well. In tarot decks, the snake can represent something positive like wisdom or something negative like death.

8 is a number for abundance and wisdom. It includes the infinity sign, which means infinite wisdom and unlimited potential.
The 8 is also about karma, meaning that it is about receiving and giving energy. When manifestation cycles are around, they are also under the 8’s realm.

If you want something, there is a really good chance that it will happen if you have number 8 in your life path. People with this number are ambitious and motivated. They are goal-oriented and inspirational with a strong sense. These people can reach abundance and prosperity in their life.

The infinity symbol has many meanings. It means personal empowerment, timelessness, and joy.  Sometimes it also means knowledge.  In romance only, the infinity symbol can mean love between two people who have known each other forever. They have souls that are entwined with each other and there is a bond that is karmic that holds you two together. Karma can be a good thing too – and not only bad!

The infinity symbol is the key to understanding that relationships can be both long and short. So many people are connected karmically in their lives. Relationships are in a constant state of transformation and change, so be open for any opportunity that will bring you happiness and growth.

The infinity symbol is a symbol for the snake. The snake represents wisdom in spirituality. It also represents self-awareness. A specific type of the infinity symbol, called Ouroboros, has a snake that eats its tail to represent how life comes full circle and that everything comes back to itself in the end.

The Strength card is associated with the number 8, which is the infinity symbol. The Strength card has power and gives harmony and balance. This tarot message often refers to emotional strength. Happiness, duty, prestige and professional advancements are all associated with the Strength card as well as other forms of strength like spiritual strength.

Infinity Symbol ∞ Copy and Paste

Here you can easily copy and paste the Infinity Symbol.

You can highlight the symbol and right click on your mouse to copy and paste it.

Here you can just click the “copy” to copy the ∞ infinity sign and paste it wherever you need it.



How to Type Infinity Symbol Keyboard on Windows

Make sure your NumLock is on before creating the infinity sign in Windows.

Press Alt+ 2 3 6

How to Type Infinity Symbol on Keyboard on Mac

On Mac, use this combination for infinity sign:


How to Type Infinity Symbol on Word

Microsoft Word

There are two options for word:

  • you can use the Mac or Windows shortcut
  • you can also use the Word’s dasboard and go to Insert then choose Symbol. At the bottom on the right side enter “221E” on the Character Code.

How to Add Infinity Sign on Your Phone


Unfortunately, there is no infinity symbol on iPhone’s keyboard, you need to copy and paste the sign. You can use the above mentioned copy and paste tool to create it.

Infinity Symbol with Codes

∞ Infinity Alt Code 236

∞ Infinity html entity ∞

∞ Infinity html decimal ∞

∞ Infinity html hexadecimal ∞

Similar Signs to Infinity Symbol ♾ ⧜⧞ ⧝

You can find many variations of signs that look similar to ∞  but have different purposes and meanings. Here are some examples:

Incomplete Infinity Symbol ⧜

Here are codes for incomplete infinity sign

Unicode U+29DC


Tie Over Infinity Symbol ⧝

This symbol means temperature in degrees Celsius or centigrade.

Here are codes for tie over infinity sign

Unicode U+29DD


Infinity Negated with Vertical Bar Symbol ⧞

This symbol means temperature in degrees Celsius or centigrade

Here are codes for infinity negated with vertical bar sign:

Unicode U+29DE


Permanent Paper Symbol ♾

This symbol indicates acid-free paper that will last for a long time

Here are codes for permanent paper symbol:

Unicode U+267E


Mathematical Meaning of Infinity Sign

Infinity is a number that means there are too many numbers to count. Numbers can be negative, like -1 or 0. Numbers can also be positive, like +1 or 2. Infinity is not an actual number. It means there are more numbers than you will ever need to count. Some sets of numbers have different sizes, even though they both go on forever and ever without end. For example, the set of all even numbers has fewer members than the set of all odd and even numbers, but both sets go on forever!

Infinity is a number that means something will go on and on forever. Infinity is not an actual specific number – it only describes how big an infinite set can be. You might think that sets could have different sizes, but even though they are endless, some sets are bigger than others.

Fun Facts of Infinity

0 * ∞ is undefined

∞ is positive infinity

∞ – ∞ is undefined

∞ / ∞ is undefined

x – ∞ = -∞

-∞ is negative infinity

∞ * ∞ is infinity

∞ + ∞ is infinity

1 / ∞ is an infinitely small number (but bigger than 0)

Other Meanings of Infinity Sign

The infinity symbol is used to represent many things. It can be used to represent perfection and love. It also means there are unlimited possibilities and you have a lot of power. Reasons like these, the sign is famous in tattoos, T-shirts, and For this reason, it is popular on jewelry.

Is Infinity a Real Number

Infinity is not considered a number. Infinity doesn’t represent a specific number, instead it represents an infinitely large quantity.


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