860 Free Bullet Icons to Download

Here is a free icon collection ready to save and edit for your use. You can copy and paste the flat image with a white background in five colors by right-clicking on the image and saving it to your computer. Download an icon set image from this page, open in your photo editor, and crop … Read more

Infinity Symbol on Keyboard and Copy & Paste Alt Codes

The symbol on it can mean something different to different people. Some people think of eternity because the infinity symbol looks like a number 8 that is sideways. Others see empowerment and duality in the infinity sign. The infinity symbol has been around for a long time. It can have different meanings depending on where … Read more

1/2 Symbol

The Half Symbol or 1/2 Sign (½) is used frequently when writing fractions and decimal values. It can be inserted into any document, whether by inserting it directly as an image or by typing the Alt code shortcut for this character on Macs and Windows keyboards. Not only can you use it when taking fractions … Read more

Diamond Symbol

A diamond is an elegant and rare gemstone, prized for its beauty. Its worth transcends the material value of gold or platinum because it symbolizes a man’s love for his fiancée in many cultures worldwide. Aside from being associated with nobility and wealth usually found at royal courts during medieval times, diamonds are also linked … Read more

60 Star Alt Codes

Star symbols are a great way to show how much you care. From our old friend the asterisk (*) to super-cool shooting stars, we have all the star symbols and codes that will make your writing sparkle with feeling! Star symbols are an important part of life and they represent many different things. The star … Read more

100 Circle Symbols with Codes

Want to do some beautiful circle symbols? Then this is the right place. Here we have listed around a hundred circles for you to create easily. Just copy and paste the codes after each circle. How to Use Circle Symbols You can easily copy and paste or use alt codes to make these circles. Unicode … Read more

100 Bullet Point Symbols: Alt, Hex & Decimal Codes

Here we have listed about 100 bullet symbols you can copy and paste to make unique bullet signs. To copy and paste the bullet symbol, just find its location online or like in this article, press Ctrl+C when the cursor hovers over that area so that nothing gets altered elsewhere – all other content will … Read more