60 Star Alt Codes

Star symbols are a great way to show how much you care. From our old friend the asterisk (*) to super-cool shooting stars, we have all the star symbols and codes that will make your writing sparkle with feeling!

Star symbols are an important part of life and they represent many different things. The star symbol you choose to use in your digital marketing campaign can have a profound impact on what it is that you want people to feel about your brand. For example, if you’re looking for inspiration or dreams the shooting stars might be perfect! If not, maybe one of these other types will do the trick?

How to Insert a Star Symbol on Your PC

If you’ve been looking for the key to a more productive day or want your fingers to stop hurting, it might be time to finally make peace with that Windows keyboard. The multiple keys on this machine can do double duty as numbers and symbols, but not without some help from the Shift key. Want an easy way to create stars in Windows PC for your documents? Hit Shift + 8!

You can also use Character Map on your PC. It’s relatively easy to do. Click on Start button on your PC and type in “Character Map” on the search bar at the bottom. After that, a Character Map pops up with different Characters. If you don’t see a star there, check the “Advanced view” on the Character Map, located at the left bottom to see more characters. After you choose your star symbol, click copy and paste the symbol where you wanted it to be.

If you want a simple star symbol or Asterisk, use Alt + code 42. For a black star press down the Alt key and type 9733. If you want a simple white star press the Alt and 9734.

While holding down the Alt key, quickly press Star Symbol’s alt code (9733) on your numeric keypad. If you are using a laptop without one of these handy gadgets, this may not work for you! On some laptops, there is a hidden numeric keyboard that can be enabled by pressing Fn+NmLk keys at the same time. With the touch of an Alt key, you’ll have your new Star in only seconds.With the touch of an Alt key, you’ll have your new Star Sign Symbol in only seconds.

How to Insert a Star Symbol on Mac

For Mac users, to get the Star Symbol press Option + 2729.

How to Insert a Star Symbol on Word Document

Click on “insert” and then click on “icons”, type in “star” on the search menu and you should see a few star icons appear. If you have an older version of Word, you may still use the insert menu, but then locate the symbols tab and look for the star symbol there.

There’s also the shortcut star alt code for Word, press 2729, Alt+X

You can also just copy and paste the star symbol into your Word document using Windows Character Map or copying from a webpage. All you have to do is head over wherever you need a symbol, like Word or Excel for example, then select it with Ctrl+C so that when you press Ctrl+V in your desired location such as Microsoft Word, the star will appear!

Different Star Alt Codes

Whether you’re on a Mac or Windows, there are many ways to insert stars into your documents. Here are different Alt codes and symbols for you to use.

You can make a variety of stars with our alt codes. You might even be able to use them in your HTML documents!

The star symbol is one of the most recognizable shapes out there, and we’ve got it covered with all types of symbols for you to copy and paste or type into Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. There are some really cool looking ones too like glowing stars that would look great on cards as well as night with stars for those special occasion documents.

If you want to do a star rating, you can use star symbols like this:



Star Symbol is Popular

The star symbol has been a prevalent motif in many cultures across the world. We see it as an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, Mesopotamian social status indicator and even medieval England’s jewelry design inspiration. There are different interpretations of its meaning but almost all societies that have come into contact with this iconic shape attribute some kind of religious significance to it- be it representing Isis or Sirius respectively for Egyptians and Englishmen back then.

The five-pointed star is the most widely recognized symbol in our modern world. It has been used for centuries, but its increased usage began back around 1800 when it became a prominent part of country flags like Chile and Venezuela’s. The red star was featured prominently on America’s XII Corps badge during the Civil War Union Army while VII Crops’ crescent displayed their own version with a 5-pointed design as well.

The star symbol is a representation of the divine, with its pure and dazzling light. It has been found in many places throughout history – on Hollywood Blvd., to represent celebrities who are stars in their own right; as well as elevators for buildings where people enter into an elevator lobby before being whisked up to their floors.

One example of a star is the celebrity culture, which was introduced to society through Hollywood. A person can be considered a “star” if they are so talented that people view them as bright and unique among all others. In this sense, stars shine brighter than anyone else in their presence onscreen or off it; there’s an aura surrounding these individuals because of how spectacularly skilled they are at what they do-everyone knows about them!

When to Add a Star Symbol

The star symbol is an important and popular emoji to have in your digital arsenal. If you want to add some fun, lightheartedness or celebration into a text message, post or card this holiday season then the star symbol might be just what you need. Use it wisely so that people know how much they mean to you!

If you want your special someone feel more touched then add a star at the end of a text, card or letter. Your message will seem more personal this way.

Alt + Key (Decimal Code)

★ Dark Star Alt + 9733

⭒ White Small Star Alt + 11090

☆ Light Star Alt + 9734

✡ Star Of David Alt + 10017

⭐ White Medium Star Alt + 11088

✪ Circled White Star Alt + 10026

✹ Twelve Pointed Black Star Alt + 10041

٭ Arabic Five Pointed Star Alt + 1645

⭑ Black Small Star Alt + 11089

✦ Black Four Pointed Star Alt + 10022

✫ Open Centre Black Star Alt + 10027

⚝ Outlined White Star Alt + 9885

🌃 Night With Stars Alt + 127747

⍟ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star Alt + 9055

✧ White Four Pointed Star Alt + 10023

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star Alt + 10050

✨ Sparkling Stars Alt + 10024

✴ Eight Pointed Black Star Alt + 10036

🔯 Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot Alt + 128303

۞ Arabic Start Of Rub El Hizb Alt + 1758

✬ Black Centre White Star Alt + 10028

✰ Shadowed White Star Alt + 10032

🌠 Shooting Star Alt + 127776

✷ Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star Alt + 10039

✵ Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star Alt + 10037

✶ Six Pointed Black Star Alt + 10038

≛ Star Equals Alt + 8795

✭ Outlined Black Star Alt + 10029

☪ Star And Crescent Alt + 9770

✸ Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star Alt + 10040

💫 Circling Stars Alt + 128171

✩ Stress Outlined White Star Alt + 10025

⋆ Star Operator Alt + 8902

⍣ Apl Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis (Or Umlaut) Alt + 9059

✯ Pinwheel Star Alt + 10031

🌟 Glowing Star Alt + 127775

✮ Heavy Outlined Black Star Alt + 10030

Alt + H (Hex Code)

✷ Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star 2737

⭒ White Small Star 2B52

✰ Shadowed White Star 2730

✯ Pinwheel Star 272F

✡ Star Of David 2721

✪ Circled White Star 272A

⚝ Outlined White Star 269D

💫 Circling Stars 1F4AB

٭ Arabic Five Pointed Star 066D

✮ Heavy Outlined Black Star 272E

✶ Six Pointed Black Star 2736

✫ Open Centre Black Star 272B

🌠 Shooting Star 1F320

✭ Outlined Black Star 272D

✨ Sparkling Stars 2728

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star 2742

★ Dark Star 2605

⭑ Black Small Star 2B51

✩ Stress Outlined White Star 2729

⍟ Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star 235F

🌃 Night With Stars 1F303

✬ Black Centre White Star 272C

✧ White Four Pointed Star 2727

✦ Black Four Pointed Star 2726

✵ Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star 2735

⋆ Star Operator 22C6

☪ Star And Crescent 262A

≛ Star Equals 225B

✴ Eight Pointed Black Star 2734

🌟 Glowing Star 1F31F

⍣ Apl Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis (Or Umlaut) 2363

۞ Arabic Start Of Rub El Hizb 06DE

🔯 Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot 1F52F

☆ Light Star 2606

✹ Twelve Pointed Black Star 2739

✸ Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star 2738

⭐ White Medium Star 2B50


The star symbol is a very powerful and versatile icon. It can be used to represent various meanings in different contexts. There are many types of stars that you can use on the computer or smartphone keyboards as well as in other places such as for your email signature, websites, social media profiles etc. For example, if you want to provide an inspirational message with your tweet then you could insert the glowing star symbol into it; this would make your followers feel good about themselves when they see it! Which type of star do you think best suits these purposes?

At the end of a letter, birthday card or even just a text message to your friend, adding an extra star symbol can make all the difference. We hope you enjoyed this blog post about how stars are so powerful symbols that convey feelings of love and gratitude. Remember to add one at the end of any correspondence from now on!

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