How to Do Bullets in Photoshop + Free PSD Photoshop Bullet Points Download File

Want to do some bullets in Photoshop? While Photoshop doesn’t have any built-in features dedicated to creating them, there are plenty of ways you can do it anyways! There’s the Type Tool (which is on by default) you can use to make bullet symbols on Photoshop or you can use Wingdings font to create a bullet. Also, we’ve added a free PSD file of bullet icons for you to download free. Enjoy!

How to Insert Bullets in Photoshop

Here’s how you can create bullet points in Photoshop and in my opinion this is the best way to do it. In Photoshop, there are no bullet point options because it’s not really a Word processor. In order to do bullet symbols, we’ve got to find a workaround for it and the easiest way you can do it is using a text box but first start a new document.

Adding bullet points to your work in Photoshop can be very useful, especially if you’re producing materials that contain large bodies of text. You can add them by using the Type Tool and this symbol • (which we copied from a previous paragraph), or alternatively L typed with Wingdings or Alt + 0 + 1 + 4+ 9 [Win] / Option 8 [Mac].

Make sure you have your document open and ready to go before we get started. To create a new one, head over the File tab at the top of your screen then select New from that list; this opens up a window where you can customize all aspects for creating an entirely new file. Once it’s opened, make sure to start editing!

Use Type Tool and Create a Text Box to Make Photoshop Bullet Points

The easiest method to add text is by using the Type Tool! This tool will appear when we click on it located in our toolbar down at the left side of the screen or pressing the T button from your keyboard.  If you want this new bullet point to start with then press Alt + 0 + 1+4+9 [Win]  for Windows and Option + 8 for the Mac OS X system.

You might be wondering how to resize or change the color of your bullets. In order to do that, you’ll need to edit it in its own settings bar which is located on top. You can resize or change the color with just a few clicks. Simply click on “edit” and then make any necessary changes to size, contrast, brightness, etc for each bullet you want to adjust!

Use the Font Wingdings to Make Photoshop Bullets

Another method that is perhaps less obvious, but just as effective is the Wingdings font.  With Wingdings, a special font automatically downloaded into Photoshop, you can use symbols that stand in for letters. Luckily, there’s one letter that appears as a bullet point when typed and selected! So start by opening up an existing document with Type Tool (either hit T on the keyboard or click the icon).

Now that you have selected your desired font style, look to the left of the options bar for a dropdown menu. This is where you can select your font.

Click on the arrow to the side of your current font name, and you’ll be able to access a list with many different fonts. Scroll down until you find Wingdings. You’re able to change the font and see it take effect right away! Just type an L into a text box, select one of these fonts from the left side, then click back on that same text box. There you go: A bullet point.

Copy and Paste a Bullet Point Symbol

You can use the Windows Character Map or copy and paste a bullet symbol. You can find different bullet symbols here.
Although windows character map is only available for Windows users, using this option allows you to copy-and-paste your bullet point symbol directly into the text box.

How to use a windows character map:

Click on the start button and type in “Character Map” on the search bar. When the Character Map box opens, you can choose the bullet symbol there. if you can’t see a bullet point symbol on the Character Map, then you may have to check the “Advanced View” on the left bottom corner of that box to get more symbols. Once you’ve found your bullet symbol, click on “copy” to get the symbol.

When you’ve copied the bullet symbol, go back to Photoshop and paste the symbol into Photoshop’s text box using the Type Tool.

Use Our Free Ready-Made Photoshop Bullet Points

If you don’t want to use Photoshop’s Type Tool and Text Box to make your bullets. You can download our free file to get a selection of 860 bullet icons. Here’s what you get:

Create your own customized icons with this free icon collection. There are over 800 different images to choose from and you can even create an entirely new one of your own! The download is high resolution so the customization will be great for any project.

It only takes seconds to download the file. The unordered list icons are perfect for you, and they include five colors of optimized gifs with transparent backgrounds and PSDs that have editable paths as well as a PDF legend that can help you find what you need in seconds so your possibilities are endless!

You can download the icons below when you click “Download Here”. The download will start automatically to your computer and is downloaded as a zip file. Add your own custom colors by downloading the entire set of photoshop files.

You can preview the bullet icons here:

website icons

website icons

website bullet icons

website bullet icons

website bullet symbols

website bullet symbols

Download Here

Note: You are welcome to use these on any website (including commercial websites) but please do not redistribute them. We’d also appreciate a link back if you decide to use them.


Thank you for reading this blog post and we hope that it helped answer some of your questions about how to add bullet points in Photoshop. Also, we hope you enjoyed our free bullet icons file to create some beautiful symbols. If there’s anything else our team can do, please let us know! We’re always happy to help out a fellow designer or marketer with any problems they might be having.


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