100 Circle Symbols with Codes

Want to do some beautiful circle symbols? Then this is the right place. Here we have listed around a hundred circles for you to create easily. Just copy and paste the codes after each circle.

How to Use Circle Symbols

You can easily copy and paste or use alt codes to make these circles. Unicode codes can’t be typed. But alt codes you can use with Microsoft Operating systems. You can use the codes below with HTML or other programming languages.

With separate NumPad keys, it is crucial to ensure that they are enabled. If not, press the key for a few seconds until an indicator light appears in either of two places: On top of or below the number pad. Once this has happened and you have pressed Alt on your left keyboard side then type out the numbers corresponding with what character you want to be inserted into wherever necessary when writing text documents etc.

When to Use  a Circle Symbol

Circle symbols can be used as bullets. You can create fun bulleted lists with these circles. Circle symbols can also be used spiritually.

Spiritual Meaning of Circle Symbols

The circle, which is one of the most basic and universal symbols in all human history, can be an incredibly powerful tool to help us understand our true selves. It also holds profound meaning for those who are spiritually inclined. With this information, you should feel confident that when encountering a message with a circle symbol on it you know what your brain wants to tell you about its deeper meanings!

Symbols are a language of their own. They represent more than just what they seem to convey in the surface-level meaning. When it comes to symbolic and spiritual messages, there is always something deeper that can be found if one looks for it. For example, when looking at the circle symbol on its face value alone we see an entire range of possible meanings depending on the color used. This could include anything from yellow representing intelligence or green conveying growth and creativity; but whichever way you interpret this particular symbol means something different entirely based on which colors are being used as well as how much space is given around each pixel within the design itself.

Black Circle

The black circle symbol is a powerful representation of the cyclical nature of life. It has both positive and negative aspects that may be triggered by the context in which it appears. However, we can take comfort knowing that this represents an opportunity for growth or change–the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

In a positive context, the black circle symbol may represent an emergence and transformation of a higher self. The same black circle symbol in negative contexts is often associated with grief, pain, and challenges.

White Circle

A white circle symbolizes the new, spiritual cycle and a chance for growth. It is indicative of purity, innocence and perfection in its positive form. When it takes on negative connotations, this symbolism means someone has been abandoned by their God or self-worth due to fear of change. Remember that we are all capable of breaking through these cycles with a higher perspective so as not to be stuck in negativity any longer!

Red Circle

In the realm of magic, a red circle can serve as an indicator to stop and focus on spiritual pursuits instead. The symbol may be telling you that too much energy is being spent on physical things at this time when it should be focused elsewhere.

Blue Circle

When you’re facing a difficult conversation, it can be hard to know how to communicate in the best way. The blue circle symbol is an indication of strong communication and when used positively, offers wisdom for speaking your truth with honesty and clarity. Asking questions or using active listening techniques will help facilitate more productive conversations from which both parties can learn something new about themselves.

Green Circle

The green circle is a symbol of the cycles of life. It’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things as you age in order to create something better for yourself or others.

Yellow Circle

The yellow circle is a versatile symbol that can be seen in many different contexts. It may represent imagination, creativity, and infinite possibilities to some people while also representing fear of not taking action on creative ideas for others. If you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas or if you feel like your mind just keeps going round and round without any progress, the yellow circle might hold an answer for you!

Different Circle Symbols with Codes

Here you can copy and paste around 100 circle symbols for your blog post or website.

Circle Cymbols Hex:

◑ Circle With Right Half Black  ◑

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star  ❂

⚬ Medium Small White Circle  ⚬

◐ Circle With Left Half Black  ◐

◙ Inverse White Circle  ◙

⦿ Circled Bullet  ⦿

⧳ Error-barred Black Circle  ⧳

⦺ Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar And Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar  &#x29BA

⚫ Medium Black Circle  ⚫

◯ Large Circle  ◯

⭕ Heavy Large Circle  ⭕

⨁ N-ary Circled Plus Operator  ⨁

◵ White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant  ◵

⦵ Circle With Horizontal Bar  ⦵

◡ Lower Half Circle  ◡

⬤ Black Large Circle  ⬤

◷ White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant  ◷

◕ Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black  ◕

● Black Circle  ●

⚈ Black Circle With White Dot Right  ⚈

⨂ N-ary Circled Times Operator  ⨂

⚆ White Circle With Dot Right  ⚆

⧂ Circle With Small Circle To The Right ⧂

◠ Upper Half Circle  ◠

⦹ Circled Perpendicular  ⦹

⟟ Up Tack With Circle Above  ⟟

⧃ Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right  ⧃

⚇ White Circle With Two Dots  ⚇

⧇ Squared Small Circle  ⧇

◒ Circle With Lower Half Black  ◒

⦲ Empty Set With Small Circle Above  ⦲

◓ Circle With Upper Half Black  ◓

✪ Circled White Star  ✪

◚ Upper Half Inverse White Circle  ◚

⦾ Circled White Bullet  ⦾

⨀ N-ary Circled Dot Operator  ⨀

⦶ Circled Vertical Bar  ⦶

◖ Left Half Black Circle  ◖

◔ Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black ◔

⚉ Black Circle With Two White Dots  ⚉

⚪ Medium White Circle  ⚪

⦸ Circled Reverse Solidus  ⦸

◛ Lower Half Inverse White Circle  ◛

◍ Circle With Vertical Fill  ◍

◌ Dotted Circle  ◌

⦷ Circled Parallel  ⦷

❍ Shadowed White Circle  ❍

⦻ Circle With Superimposed X  ⦻

⧲ Error-barred White Circle  ⧲

⫱ Down Tack With Circle Below  ⫱

◴ White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant  ◴

◗ Right Half Black Circle  ◗

◶ White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant  ◶

○ White Circle  ○

Circle Symbols Decimal:

⚉ Black Circle With Two White Dots ⚉

○ White Circle ○

⚪ Medium White Circle ⚪

◗ Right Half Black Circle ◗

⦵ Circle With Horizontal Bar ⦵

⨂ N-ary Circled Times Operator ⨂

⧳ Error-barred Black Circle ⧳

◍ Circle With Vertical Fill ◍

◠ Upper Half Circle ◠

⬤ Black Large Circle ⬤

⦻ Circle With Superimposed X ⦻

◙ Inverse White Circle ◙

⦷ Circled Parallel ⦷

⦸ Circled Reverse Solidus ⦸

⚫ Medium Black Circle ⚫

◚ Upper Half Inverse White Circle ◚

◌ Dotted Circle ◌

⦶ Circled Vertical Bar ⦶

⚇ White Circle With Two Dots ⚇

⦿ Circled Bullet ⦿

⦲ Empty Set With Small Circle Above ⦲

⚈ Black Circle With White Dot Right ⚈

◡ Lower Half Circle ◡

❍ Shadowed White Circle ❍

◕ Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black ◕

◶ White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant ◶

⨁ N-ary Circled Plus Operator ⨁

⚬ Medium Small White Circle ⚬

⨀ N-ary Circled Dot Operator ⨀

◓ Circle With Upper Half Black ◓

✪ Circled White Star ✪

⭕ Heavy Large Circle ⭕

◵ White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant ◵

◒ Circle With Lower Half Black ◒

⧲ Error-barred White Circle ⧲

⫱ Down Tack With Circle Below ⫱

◐ Circle With Left Half Black ◐

◷ White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant ◷

◔ Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black ◔

● Black Circle ●

◛ Lower Half Inverse White Circle ◛

⧂ Circle With Small Circle To The Right ⧂

◖ Left Half Black Circle ◖

⦺ Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar And Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar ⦺

◑ Circle With Right Half Black ◑

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star ❂

⟟ Up Tack With Circle Above ⟟

◯ Large Circle ◯

⦹ Circled Perpendicular ⦹

⦾ Circled White Bullet ⦾

⚆ White Circle With Dot Right ⚆

⧇ Squared Small Circle ⧇

⧃ Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right ⧃

◴ White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant ◴

Circle Alt Codes:

◌ Dotted Circle Symbol 9676

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star 10050

◕ Circle with All But Upper Left Quadrant Black 9685

⊘ Circled Division Slash 8856

⊛ Circled Asterisk Operator 8859

◒ Circle with Lower Half Black 9682

🔵 Large Blue Circle 128309

⊕ Circled Plus 8853

◑ Circle with Right Half Black 9681

⊙ Circled Dot Operator Symbol 8857

◗ Right Half Black Circle 9687

◯ Large Circle Symbol 9711

⚫ Medium Black Circle Symbol 9899

〶 Circled Postal Mark 128521

◙ Inverse White Circle 9689

⊜ Circled Equals Symbol 8860

⊗ Circled Times Symbol 8855

⊚ Circled Ring Operator 8858

◓ Circle with Upper Half Black 9683

⦿ Circled Bullet Symbol 10687

❍ Shadowed White Circle 10061

● Black Circle 9679

⚪ Medium White Circle 9898

◔ Circle with Upper Right Quadrant Black 9684

○ White Circle Symbol 9675

◍ Circle with Vertical Fill 9677

◖ Left Half Black Circle 9686

⭕ Heavy Large Circle 11093

🔴 Large Red Circle 128308

⊝ Circled Dash Symbol 8861

◚ Upper Half Inverse White Circle 9690

◐ Circle with Left Half Black 9680

⊖ Circled Minus Symbol 8854

◛ Lower Half Inverse White Circle 9691

Circle Unicode:

⁃ Hyphen bullet ⁃

‣ Triangle bullet ‣

◦ White bullet ◦

⦾ White Point bullet ⦾

⁌ Leftwards bullet ⁌

⦿ Black Point bullet ⦿

⁍ Rightwards bullet ⁍

◘ Inverse bullet ◘

• Circle bullet •

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of circle symbols. If we’ve missed any or if you want us to add any circles you have, let us know in the comments below.

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