100 Bullet Point Symbols: Alt, Hex & Decimal Codes

Here we have listed about 100 bullet symbols you can copy and paste to make unique bullet signs. To copy and paste the bullet symbol, just find its location online or like in this article, press Ctrl+C when the cursor hovers over that area so that nothing gets altered elsewhere – all other content will stay put while only copying one letter at a time – then switch back into what document/website page needs some bullets added before pressing Ctrl + V so they can be easily copied and pasted also!

What is a Bullet Point Symbol

Another way to make your voice more tangible is by using bullet points. It’s a little trick that makes it easier for others to understand what you’re trying to say and express yourself in the process, all while keeping everything organized neatly on paper or a digital document.

Bullet points are symbols that can be used to convey tone and get your message across. Bullet points, dots, arrows – there’s a whole world of typography out there!

I would have never guessed in my wildest dreams the amount of creativity people go into just trying to capture attention through different fonts. There is no limit as far as what you could do with bullet point formats or any other font for that matter: square bullets will make it seem more serious while asterisks give off an airy feeling; black dots imply urgency and diamonds signify quality (we all know how hard they work on their diamond rings). You’ll find them everywhere from social media sites like Instagram where photo captions are presented creatively using these marks to blog posts.

What’s your favorite shape for a bullet point?
Circle, square, asterisk (*), black dot (•) or diamond. The most common is the dots and arrows type symbol because it can be used to show many different types of things like paragraphs in an email message that you don’t want people to read unless they click on them!

Most Common Bullet Symbols

Square Bullet

Spade bullet

Diamond Bullet

Asterisk Bullet


Heart Bullet

Black Small Circle Bullet

Arrow Bullet

Triangle Bullet

Hyphen Bullet

How to Use Bullet Symbols

How to Insert Bullet Symbol on Windows

To make typing symbols easier on Microsoft Operating Systems, first press and hold the ALT key. Make sure that numlock is on, then press and hold the ALT key. While keeping the ALT key held down type in a code for whichever symbol you want which will then appear anywhere that you can now paste text into. You can’t type Unicodes but other codes can be used within an HTML or Java programming language.

How to Insert a Bullet Point Symbol on Mac

Move your mouse cursor where you need the bullet point symbol then press the Option key and 8 to add the bullet symbol.

How to Add a Bullet Point in Word/Excel

The insert symbol dialog box is a library of symbols from where you can quickly and easily find the perfect icon to add into your Word document. These icons are available in all three office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) so it’s easy to use them no matter what program format you’re working with.

To get the symbols you want, first click the “insert”tab on Word or Excel then click on “Symbol” and then select “More Symbols”. After you’ve done that, you can see the symbol dialog box, go to the drop-down list and select “General Punctuation” to see all the symbols and choose the Bullet point symbol from the box. Select it and then just click the “Insert” button.

How to Find Bullet Symbols on Your PC

For Windows users, click the Start button and type in Character Map on the search bar. The Character Map box will pop up. Check on the Advanced view to get more symbols. When you see the advanced view box, type in bullet on the “search for” bar. You should get the bullet point on the character map now. Double-click on the bullet symbol or click the “Select” button instead. Click the “Copy” button and you’re done. Paste the bullet point symbol anywhere you want it to appear by pressing Ctrl+V or just right-click on your mouse and choose “paste”.

Bullet Symbol Codes


⚇ White Circle With Two Dots  ⚇

⦺ Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar And Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar  &#x29BA

◑ Circle With Right Half Black  ◑

◓ Circle With Upper Half Black  ◓

✪ Circled White Star  ✪

◙ Inverse White Circle  ◙

◒ Circle With Lower Half Black  ◒

⚆ White Circle With Dot Right  ⚆

⟟ Up Tack With Circle Above  ⟟

◶ White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant  ◶

⦹ Circled Perpendicular  ⦹

◵ White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant  ◵

◖ Left Half Black Circle  ◖

◗ Right Half Black Circle  ◗

⚪ Medium White Circle  ⚪

◚ Upper Half Inverse White Circle  ◚

◍ Circle With Vertical Fill  ◍

○ White Circle  ○

⚬ Medium Small White Circle  ⚬

◐ Circle With Left Half Black  ◐

◕ Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black  ◕

⦷ Circled Parallel  ⦷

◷ White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant  ◷

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star  ❂

⦲ Empty Set With Small Circle Above  ⦲

◯ Large Circle  ◯

⦶ Circled Vertical Bar  ⦶

● Black Circle  ●

◡ Lower Half Circle  ◡

◔ Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black ◔

◠ Upper Half Circle  ◠

◌ Dotted Circle  ◌

⚫ Medium Black Circle  ⚫

◛ Lower Half Inverse White Circle  ◛

⚉ Black Circle With Two White Dots  ⚉

❍ Shadowed White Circle  ❍

⚈ Black Circle With White Dot Right  ⚈

⦸ Circled Reverse Solidus  ⦸

◴ White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant  ◴

⦵ Circle With Horizontal Bar  ⦵

⦻ Circle With Superimposed X  ⦻

⨂ N-ary Circled Times Operator  ⨂

⨁ N-ary Circled Plus Operator  ⨁

⧳ Error-barred Black Circle  ⧳

⦾ Circled White Bullet  ⦾

⬤ Black Large Circle  ⬤

⧲ Error-barred White Circle  ⧲

⧃ Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right  ⧃

⭕ Heavy Large Circle  ⭕

⨀ N-ary Circled Dot Operator  ⨀

⧇ Squared Small Circle  ⧇

⦿ Circled Bullet  ⦿

⫱ Down Tack With Circle Below  ⫱

⧂ Circle With Small Circle To The Right ⧂


⧳ Error-barred Black Circle ⧳

⦿ Circled Bullet ⦿

◕ Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black ◕

✪ Circled White Star ✪

⦺ Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar And Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar ⦺

⦶ Circled Vertical Bar ⦶

◔ Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black ◔

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star ❂

⦵ Circle With Horizontal Bar ⦵

⦸ Circled Reverse Solidus ⦸

● Black Circle ●

◚ Upper Half Inverse White Circle ◚

◵ White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant ◵

◗ Right Half Black Circle ◗

⧲ Error-barred White Circle ⧲

○ White Circle ○

⚈ Black Circle With White Dot Right ⚈

⭕ Heavy Large Circle ⭕

⚪ Medium White Circle ⚪

⟟ Up Tack With Circle Above ⟟

⫱ Down Tack With Circle Below ⫱

⦷ Circled Parallel ⦷

◯ Large Circle ◯

⚇ White Circle With Two Dots ⚇

⨀ N-ary Circled Dot Operator ⨀

◑ Circle With Right Half Black ◑

◷ White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant ◷

◒ Circle With Lower Half Black ◒

⨁ N-ary Circled Plus Operator ⨁

◠ Upper Half Circle ◠

⦹ Circled Perpendicular ⦹

⦻ Circle With Superimposed X ⦻

◖ Left Half Black Circle ◖

⧃ Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right ⧃

⦾ Circled White Bullet ⦾

❍ Shadowed White Circle ❍

◍ Circle With Vertical Fill ◍

◙ Inverse White Circle ◙

⨂ N-ary Circled Times Operator ⨂

⚆ White Circle With Dot Right ⚆

⚉ Black Circle With Two White Dots ⚉

⚫ Medium Black Circle ⚫

⚬ Medium Small White Circle ⚬

⧂ Circle With Small Circle To The Right ⧂

◡ Lower Half Circle ◡

◛ Lower Half Inverse White Circle ◛

⧇ Squared Small Circle ⧇

⬤ Black Large Circle ⬤

◴ White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant ◴

⦲ Empty Set With Small Circle Above ⦲

◓ Circle With Upper Half Black ◓

◐ Circle With Left Half Black ◐

◌ Dotted Circle ◌

◶ White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant ◶

Alt Codes:

◓ Circle with Upper Half Black 9683

◍ Circle with Vertical Fill 9677

⊝ Circled Dash Symbol 8861

⊛ Circled Asterisk Operator 8859

⚫ Medium Black Circle Symbol 9899

⊘ Circled Division Slash 8856

◌ Dotted Circle Symbol 9676

◐ Circle with Left Half Black 9680

◚ Upper Half Inverse White Circle 9690

❍ Shadowed White Circle 10061

⊕ Circled Plus 8853

⊗ Circled Times Symbol 8855

◑ Circle with Right Half Black 9681

⊚ Circled Ring Operator 8858

❂ Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star 10050

⊜ Circled Equals Symbol 8860

◖ Left Half Black Circle 9686

◒ Circle with Lower Half Black 9682

⦿ Circled Bullet Symbol 10687

◙ Inverse White Circle 9689

⊖ Circled Minus Symbol 8854

⚪ Medium White Circle 9898

● Black Circle 9679

🔴 Large Red Circle 128308

⭕ Heavy Large Circle 11093

🔵 Large Blue Circle 128309

○ White Circle Symbol 9675

◗ Right Half Black Circle 9687

〶 Circled Postal Mark 128521

◔ Circle with Upper Right Quadrant Black 9684

◕ Circle with All But Upper Left Quadrant Black 9685

◯ Large Circle Symbol 9711

◛ Lower Half Inverse White Circle 9691

⊙ Circled Dot Operator Symbol 8857


‣ Triangle bullet ‣

⦿ Black Point bullet ⦿

⁌ Leftwards bullet ⁌

• Circle bullet •

⁍ Rightwards bullet ⁍

⁃ Hyphen bullet ⁃

◘ Inverse bullet ◘

⦾ White Point bullet ⦾

◦ White bullet ◦


For now, I hope you know how to create a bullet point. There are many methods that can be used, and your choice will depend on what type of computer or operating system you have. For Windows users with an ALT key – the quickest way to make one is by using the Alt code method provided it’s known! Mac Users may find their keyboard shortcuts helpful if they know them too! If not then there are other ways such as copy-pasting from Wordpad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac), copying from another document in whichever application, dragging & dropping onto where required etc.

You can also just use the bullet symbol codes we have provided in this article to copy and paste where you want them.

There really isn’t much more I can say about this topic because all these different techniques each come with their own pros and cons; some work better than others depending on what you need.